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"Free Stuff" Tent
1807 B-Line Road, Laurentian Valley Township
Items Which Can't Be Priced But Too Useful To Be Trashed
"For Parts"
Now Closed.  The Yard Tent was open in 2017 from mid-September to Thanks-Giving Weekend.
This all started a few years ago with a surplus of Garden Produce and a single table.  Then I went hunting around the house for items I didn't personally need but was hoarding because they were too good to just throw away.
Of course I found those in every part of the house.
The Tent was added last year.  This year long sheets of styrofoam laid across the frame prevent rain from forming pouches of water over the tables.  Last year two tables; this year four.
Neighbours have contributed items. Displays change from week to week. There's always something different to see and new items to browse.
People have taken old machines for parts. Glass, metal, plastic containers.  Crafts supplies.  Books and videos.  None of it junk to the person who found a use for it.
Thank you to everyone who contributed items, adopted items, and donated to the coin box.
The Tent will be open again sometime next year.
Visit the Sales Pages from time to time to see what's being added there.
Greg Purvis - Laurentian Valley Township, ON, Canada