Updated 2017-02-22
Information Bulletin 2017-02-22
File Paths (Hopefully) Fixed
Some people have been having trouble getting files to open. I think I’ve got the problem figured and I’ve been making fixes to those links as I’ve been making the changes you’ll see starting in the 1950s/1959 area.
If you are still having troubles getting files to open, whether you're trying to view the file online or download it, please let me know what troubles you're having.
Comments or Questions?  Please use the email link at the bottom of this page.
Information Bulletin 2017-02-16
Streaming Video
Some people aren't seeing videos on these web pages when they first click on links.  On my Mac computer, using the Firefox browser, I can click on the ".mp4" link or the ".wmv" link and begin watching the video right away.  I've been slow to realise this isn't the case for everyone.
Apple's "Quick Time" enables my Mac to stream video so quickly.  There's a version of that for Windows which enables the Firefox browser to stream video—after a few seconds' delay.  But I haven't found a way to get Microsoft's "Internet Explorer" to play video before the entire video has downloaded.
It seems people using "Internet Explorer" must wait the minute or two (or three) for a video to download before knowing if it's even something they want to watch... unless they're willing to switch to Google Chrome.  At least for watching these videos.  On MS Windows 10, the Chrome browser lets one watch the video as soon as it begins downloading.  (Linux Mint here is also streaming video without delay.)
Short Video Samples
I will be creating 10-second sample videos.  Taking moments to download and play, these should provide enough of an idea of what's on a video, that people can decide whether they want to watch the whole thing.  It may be mid-March before I've made sample videos for everything that's already uploaded.  I'm writing about it now so that people know I've clued-in to the problem.
Many people are still using dial-up to log onto the Internet.  I design my websites 'bare bones' for this reason.  But even if this lets dial-up users get to the website easily, there's still the matter of accessing the videos.  Downloading even these small files over a telephone line can be painfully slow.
For people in the Pembroke area with slow Internet access or none at all, I'm putting together a 'video on wheels' Laptop, which will be at Jayne's Gallery when it's not here being updated.  It's for friends and family in the local area to borrow and hopefully return in one piece.  I'll be contacting local folks when I've got the details sorted.
For everyone else there's DVD.  If you've watched some 10-second samples and know you'd like to see the entire videos—but for any reason don't want to click through them online, I'll put those onto a DVD and send the disc to you.  Somehow we'll figure ways for any interested person to access these family movies.
Comments or Questions?  Please use the email link at the bottom of this page.
Greg Purvis - Laurentian Valley Township, ON, Canada