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Family Videos - Main Page
This Directory links to password-protected web pages where videos may be viewed.
Most are from the families of Kathryn & Gordon Purvis or of Clara & Vern Risto.
Please use the email address (bottom of this page) to request a User Name and Password; to ask questions; or to report any problems.
Purvis Family Videos
I've made several changes based on my initial ideas last year.
I've clued-in to using the same style of .mp4 file as YouTube videos.  My first mistake was choosing the wrong method for creating .mp4s, which some people couldn't play, and my second mistake was then adding a specific WindowsPC-playable format which just cluttered the page and probably caused confusion and irritation for people who only want to click, play, and go away.  Now there's a single format which everyone can play.  Hopefully the page is generally much easier to read.
I thought it would be 'charming' to include film projector sounds with the videos. That was stupid because no two brands of home film projector sound the same, and most people at the time probably hated that monotonous rattle as I quickly came to do.  Eliminating that audio also means the file is smaller, making for quicker downloads.
When first piecing together this website the colour scheme hadn't been one of my top considerations.  People don't need torches to move around here now.
Please if you have any complaint about this website let me know in case it's something I feel like trying to fix.
Greg Purvis - Laurentian Valley Township, ON, Canada